MiniLatex Reader II


The MiniLatex Reader II is a small app that you can use to display MiniLatex source text on a web page. It can be configured to point to any web server (the host) which provides documents according to the MiniLatex Docuument Protocol (MDP), which we will describe in separate document. MiniLatex documents are retrieved by an integer id. The id for the document shown on start up is configuread as described below.


The host is configured by editing the text shown below, which you will find in index.html.

flags: { host: "", documentId: 427 }


The present version of MiniLatex Reader II retrieves documents from the host using the document ID. We plan various experiments — a simple search interface, e.g., search by title, a configurable "reading list" that presents a series of documents that can be read by clicking on the document title.

Source Code and Contact

Source code and installation instructions for this project is on GitHub The project is open-source, so you can modify it for your own needs. Please contact me at if you have comments or questions.